Sirloin Chateaubriand - 2 lbs. $20.00/lb. $40.00

Châteaubriand is a small roast extravagantly cut from the center of the heart of the sirloin. It makes a very elegant dinner for two - one of the old time favorites.
A simply salt and pepper seasoning, searing the outside of the roast on both sides in a hot cast iron pan and then finishing in an oven or covered grill to desire temperature is the best way to cook this roast.  Adding either the Mushroom Truffle or Wine-infused Gorgonzola Sauce puts this roast over the top!
Approx. package size - (2 lbs. /  $20.00/lb.) - $40.00 
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  • Sirloin Chateaubriand - 2 lbs. $20.00/lb.  $40.00
  • Sirloin Chateaubriand - 2 lbs. $20.00/lb.  $40.00