About the Ranch

Living the Legend

Thompson River Ranch is a heritage, working cattle ranch, nestled in the scenic Thompson Valley, sixty miles west of Glacier National Park in the northwest corner of  Montana

Long ago the American cowboy legend was born; riding the range, pushing cows, and living off the land. Thompson River Ranch was homesteaded over 120 years ago and we are the third family to have the privilege of protecting this beautiful 100,000-acre pristine ranch.

We maintain the vibrant ecosystem which includes a water system of irrigation ditches sourced by glacier fed lakes and natural springs that the original owner painstakingly dug by hand over 100 years ago.

Time stands still in this remarkable valley, surrounded by acres of forest land where our herd roam throughout the summer and autumn months. Six days a week we ride the range on horseback to check on our cattle as they flourish in the surrounding mountains. We meet with national park rangers to manage the ecological impact of the herd as they forage in the forest over the long summer and autumn months. And, we hay our beautiful grass meadow, stretching seven miles down the Thompson Valley, feeding our cattle homegrown hay during the winter months.

Land and environment are key to raising healthy beef. Our cattle have the benefit of feeding off nature's grass lands creating an absolute paradise that allows us to produce premium quality, humanely-raised, flavorful meat products at an unprecedented quality.

As advocates for sustainable ranching and our environment, we are proud that Thompson River Ranch is one of the notable ranches in the United States that is currently raising High-Percentage, Long-fed American Wagyu Beef in a sustainable and healthy way: good for you and good for our environment!

At Thompson River Ranch our family and staff are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and consumer education about where our cattle come from and how they are raised. We operate with and promote business and ranching practices that respect the people involved, the animals, the earth and the environment.


Life is Short -  Eat  High Quality and Healthy Beef - You deserve the best of both worlds!

For the past 10 years, Thompson River Ranch has been distributing very ultra-high grade beef to high-end restaurants and local town butchers across the United States—from San Francisco to New York City.  In 2011, we decided to expand the operation to enable shipping direct from the ranch to your doorstep.  This type of quality beef is not readily available to the everyday consumer.  

 Now you can enjoy the highest of quality in the comfort of your own home, from the original source.  Our hands-on butchering process, gives you the opportunity to order over 20 varieties of premier, prime plus Wagyu cuts. We currently ship anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  We will also cut to specific orders, if desired.