Iowa Swabian Pork

Our Iowa Swabian Hall is produced much as the Germans have been raising them in Germany for a hundred years. Our Iowa Swabians are fed hydroponically grown, living greens. To round them out they are being fed dairy products daily along with their living greens. This method of feeding coupled with our special genetics creates the number one tasting pig in the United States.
Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chop Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chop$15.00 Smoked Holiday Ham Smoked Holiday Ham$50.00 Bacon, Thick Sliced Bacon, Thick Sliced$17.50
Wagyu / Swabian - All Natural Sausages and Hot Dogs Wagyu / Swabian - All Natural Sausages and Hot Dogs$13.00 2 inch Thick Pork "Osso Buco" 2 inch Thick Pork "Osso Buco"$12.00