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                      How is my meat order packaged?

                      When can I expect my order?

                      Can I add a message to be included with my order?

                      What grade of beef does Thompson River Ranch ship?

                      What is Tri-Tip?

                      How is Thompson River Ranch beef bought on line aged?

                      What if the recipient is not home?

                      Can I return a package?

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Q. How is my meat order packaged?

A. Thompson River Ranch Beef is individually packaged with a vacuum seal. By removing all air, this special seal allows for longer freshness in your freezer or refrigerator. All steaks are shipped flash-frozen, vacuumed sealed, and packaged in a reusable, insulated cooler with an abundant supply of dry ice or ice gel blocks. The cooler is then placed in a sturdy box for shipping. If you live in the Bay Area, we love to recycle coolers, think about how many of them land in the trash.  We verge on the ridiculous so we can hand-deliver and take back the cooler.

Q. When can I expect my order?

A. We ship out early in the week to ensure freshness and always leave a day on the backside for any SNAFUs along the way.  If you live in the Bay Area, the cooler usually comes in 1 day and up to 3days in other parts of the country.

Standard orders : Arrive within 3 business days or less

Express orders : Arrive within 1-2 business days or less

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an order or delivery please email us on or call us on 650-444-4184. Assistance is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM PST or just call, you probably will catch us.

Q. Can I add a message to be included with my order?

A. Yes. Use the Gift Message field on the order form to type your message, and don't forget to include your name so your recipient knows who sent such a nice gift. We will send your message along with the package.

Q: What grade of beef does Thompson River Ranch ship?

A: Thompson River Ranch produces over 90% Prime beef and the remainder is Choice.

Q: Can I get other or custom cuts of meat.

We offer a large variety of cuts that are not featured on the website.  If you are interested in the full product list, please email Clydene at and she will work with you on getting you the cuts you need. Additionally, if you have a special request, we will work with you in every way we can to get you that special cut.  Don't be afraid to ask.

Q: What is Tri-Tip?

A: Tri-Tip is a tender cut of beef from the bottom portion of the sirloin. On average, the tri-tip we ship weighs 2 to 2.5 lbs and serves 4 adults.

A: Thompson River Ranch dry-ages its premier cuts for 21 days. This is a artisanal process that has virtually disappeared from the everyday world.  High-end restaurants, with the expertise, will often dry-age their beef.  Our fancy butcher in Northern California has the expertise and we are so very fortunate to utilize his services.  30 days.

Q: What if the recipient is not home?

A: Our preferred shipper will leave the package in a secure place at the recipients residence or business. We try to call ahead and make sure that the recipient will be home.  If the recipient is out of town for an extended period of time, Thompson River Ranch can not be held responsible for any damages to packages.

Q: Can I return a package?

A: If you are not absolutely satisfied with any Thompson River Ranch product, we will replace your order. Please contact us immediately so that we can assist you in replacing your order by calling 650-444-4184 or by e-mailing to:

                      Please do not return perishable items to us, rather dispose of them as normal.

                      We will send a replacement order as fast as we can and apologize for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, shipping charges are non-refundable

Q: Can I visit the ranch?

Absolutely, the ranch at one time was a commercial dude ranch. We have many cabins available to rent and our premier log home is available on VRBO #294616.

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