Charcuterie - Gourmet Jerky, Salami, Sausages

Delicious Healthy Beef Snacks for the Cowboy on the Go!

Just like us, everyone is busy and looking for something delicious and healthy for those days on the run! 
We’ve got just the thing – TRR Gourmet Jerky and Dried Sausage
We’ve found three great Sausage and Jerky Makers that make fantastic, flavorful jerky, snack sticks and summer sausage with our American Wagyu beef. The outcome is exceptional!!
We’ve been sampling jerky recipes for the past few months and happy to introduce 8 beef jerky flavors, a wonderfully spiced dried sausage called a Landjäger, a variety of Wagyu Snack Sticks and 2 Amazing Summer Sausages.
Beef Jerky - Montana Charcuterie Beef Jerky - Montana Charcuterie$10.00 Smoked Wagyu Beef - $10 per package Smoked Wagyu Beef - $10 per package$10.00 Beef Salami and Summer Sausage Beef Salami and Summer Sausage$20.00 Landjager - Dried Sausage Landjager - Dried Sausage$10.00
Smokehouse Wagyu Sausages Smokehouse Wagyu Sausages$13.00 Wagyu / Swabian - All Natural Sausages and Hot Dogs Wagyu / Swabian - All Natural Sausages and Hot Dogs$13.00