Grass-fed Tri-Tip & Sirloin Flap

The tri-tip is a triangular shaped cut at the tip of the sirloin and is surrounded by the remainder of the sirloin and the round and flank primals. It can be used as an oven roast or it can be cut into steaks. The tri-tip is excellent when barbecued or grilled.

Approx. package size - 2-3 lbs.  $20.00/lb - take 10% off!


Marinated Tri-tip - we use the ranch recipe which creates a dark exterior and delicious flavor - similar to the famous Fred's Steak style.   We marinate for 3 days and then freeze.  All you need to do is defrost and ready for the grill!

Approximate package size 2-3 lbs. $22.00/lb - take 10% off!


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  • Grass-fed  Tri-Tip & Sirloin Flap