Bacon Wrapped Baseball Sirloin - 16 oz. $20.00/lb.


Baseball Cut Sirloin -16 oz. - Awesome Steak 

We've worked with our artisan butcher and are offering a beautiful baseball cut sirloin, from the center of the top sirloin,    It is cut very similar to the filet mignon.  This is an extremely versatile cut that can go from the barbeque to a black-tie event. 

The Baseball  steak is an elegant cut for a very special dinner.  We cut the steak at just 1 pound and wrap each steak with TRR Bacon.   Season with salt and pepper - very simple - roast or grill to perfection.  Set grill marks on the steaks and then move to side for indirect heat or move to oven to finish cooking. 
Cooking Temperatures for Steaks  
120 Degrees F. Rare. Cool red throughout.
130 Degrees F. Medium Rare. Warm red center.
140 Degrees F. Medium. Pink with a slightly warm center.
150 Degrees F. Medium Well. Slightly Pink.
165 Degrees F. Well Done. No pink at all.

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