Braised Short Ribs

 Boneless chuck short ribs, braised in the oven for hours - a fall comfort food if there ever was one!  We've complemented the short ribs with two different flavor profiles, hopefully one will catch your eye and your taste buds!

Balsamic/Roasted Onion Sauce - Deep, rich flavor comes from balsamic vinegar, port and red wine and a medley of vegetables and spices, most notably pearl onions and thyme.  The ribs are seared mixed with the vegetables and liquids and braised for several hours.  The sauce smells and tastes terrific and the Wagyu Short Ribs melt in your mouth.

Orange-Ginger - An entirely different flavor profile resulting an intensely satisfying meal.  Oranges combined with fresh ginger, balsamic and soy sauce and a host of vegetables give this sauce a distinct flavor.  This was absolutely one of the favorites in our taste-testings!  RE-heat, add scallions and orange zest and your are set.

 Complement either of the short-rib meals with mashed potatoes, cauliflower or rice and your favorite roasted root vegetables, for a classic Autumn meal.  Each package comes in a 32 oz. container with 1 1/2 lbs. of beef and sauce to complement.

$27.00 per container