Mother's Day Special Chateaubriand, Confit Biyaldi and Herb-infused Butter

Prepare the Perfect Meal for that Perfect Person

Chateaubriand, Confit Byaldi and Herb Infused Butter Sauce with Wine

$ 100.00

Sirloin Chateaubriand - 2 lbs.   Chateaubriand is an elegant cut for a very special dinner.  We cut the steak at just 2pounds, giving you ample supply for your evening.  Seasoned very simply, roasted or grilled to perfection.  Sliced on the diagonal and served with a delicious herb-infused butter on a bed of slow-roasted vegetables.  Mom will be impressed!

Confit Biyaldi Ratatouille - Delicious interpretation of ratatouille, slowly roasted and elegantly layered eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes on top of a base of roasted red peppers.  Perfect complement.  

Herb-infused Butter Sauce - Delicious, creamy rich herb-flavored butter.    Serve a slice of this flavor enhancer on each sliced serving to bring forth the best flavors in your beef.  

2012 Farm Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

TASTING NOTES:  Leather saddle and peppery spice pop here, followed by dark raspberry fruit and black tea.  Dark red fruits and plum show through on the palate with balanced acidity and subtle, integrated tannins.