Cross Rib Roast/Steak


Cross Rib Roast Roast                                     

T he cross rib roast is an outstanding pot roast and can be cooked as an oven roast or barbeque with very good results as well. The cross rib is the nice lean and meaty portion of what was once called the arm or round bone roast. The cross rib is cut from the chuck and incorporates part of the ribs which are removed for the final boneless product.   This is a roast that should be cooked to internal temperature of 125 degrees and then rest for 15 minutes.  We love it best with on the grill, using indirect heat and you must use the thermometer.  

Use your favorite marinade. While it’s a flavorful cut, a marinade tenderizes the meat over the course of several hours. Combine a flavorful base, such as Worcestershire, wine or soy sauce, and an acid, such as lemon juice or vinegar, to tenderize the beef. Add more spices and then allow the meat to marinate for several hours.

Approximate package size - Roast 48 oz /$27.00 or  Steak 16 oz/ $9.00/lb


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  • Cross Rib Roast/Steak