Beef Jerky - Montana Charcuterie

From our Montana Charcuterie

At the base of Glacier Park a small butcher/charcuterie shop puts out the best jerky and sausages in Northern Montana.  Danny’s jerky is smoked for hours and cut into long strips.  A 4-ounce bag really feels like a full meal.  This jerky is really outstanding, a great combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship with Wagyu beef. 

  • Montana Original – Beefy jerky.  This flavor is smoked for hours and you really get the full flavor of Wagyu. 
  • Jalapeño Honey – Sweet/Spicy jerky 
  • Honey – Sweeter flavor that you can eat all day.
  • Teriyaki – Traditional flavor
  • Cajun – Complex spice 
  • Colorado - A lot like the Montana Original, but we added pepper to spice things up 
  • Adrian's choice - more umami-like in flavor, a bit wetter than the typical jerky

  • Beef Jerky - Montana Charcuterie