Book: America's Wagyu Trail

Thompson River Ranch is featured in the new book America's Wagyu Trail:  "A metaphorical road connecting nine ranches and farms, from Vermont to Montana to Indiana to Texas."  Some excerpts are below:



"Clydene Bultman’s dream was to return to the rugged, rural Montana of her youth.  She wanted her daughters to experience nature in a profound way and learn to appreciate the joys of simpler life.  After purchasing Thompson River Ranch, a sprawling 100,000-acre cattle ranch in Marion, Montana, Clydene turned that dream into a reality."


"Today, via its website and mail order, Thompson River Ranch sells both custom cuts of Wagyu and prepared dishes like beef bourguignonne and braised short ribs.  Clydene’s focus is on producing the healthiest and tastiest beef possible."


For an in-depth view of the book, please click here.